I help businesses create culturally sensitive and visually engaging video content without needing to resort to an agency or hire a crew. 

Stand out from the noise with substantial and meaningful video content. Thanks to a background in social science and international travel, I specialize in mini-documentaries and in-depth interviews designed to highlight the humanity of your business. Book a call or send me a message to find out about my rates and services. 

Looking for an affordable, simplified video production process with a social conscience and beautiful results?

Let me show your audience what makes you special

As a visual anthropologist and one-woman video production company living a digital nomad life, I understand resilience and creative problem solving. I specialize in storytelling and teasing out charm and personality in front of a camera. 

If you're in the United States or Canada, I can come to you for a fraction of what it would cost to fly someone out and put them up in a hotel. That's one of the benefits of living the full-time RV life!

Kaatje is a pleasure to work with. She is hardworking, smart, creative, dependable and a great communicator. She is a true asset to have on a team. She is able to stand back and look at the big picture while also paying attention to details. She reflects what her client wants and is able to produce results quickly and pivot easily as needed. 

Brenda Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Reality Garage, LLC

Kaatje created the most wonderful video for our business! Not only did she make us feel comfortable sitting in front of multiple cameras, but her easy-going style allowed us to open up more than we would have alone or with anyone else. She was very professional throughout the entire process, explaining what she was doing, continually making sure our visions for the video were aligned, asking thought-provoking and relevant questions, and inviting us into the editing process.

She also gave us feedback on our descriptions and language use, and provided extremely helpful insight. As we are a newly-formed business and just starting out, it was amazing to be able to gain outside perspective and get some business-friendly feedback. She truly gave us a well-rounded, business-oriented, future-oriented service.

Overall, Kaatje is professional, skilled, comfortable to work with, and great choice when it comes to choosing someone to help you promote and grow your business! 

Neil and Melissa Wright, Temme Meil



Commercial Documentary

Temme Meil

This couple brings together linguistics and psychology to help clients enhance their communication.

Carden Hall

This Southern California private school is often considered too serious by visiting parents because of the uniforms and well-behaved lines of students. So they asked me to hang out at recess and put together a video of the kids having a blast. 



Digital nomad. Tango nerd. Chocolate Lover.

What do you do with an excess of curiosity, a creative eye, and a love of storytelling? Make documentary films. At least, that's the solution I've come up with. Nothing about my lifestyle or career has ever been conventional. That's why I'm so comfortable pivoting to meet the diverse and fascinating video needs of my clients!

I believe that everyone has a gift they can give to the world. If you've found yours and you need help expressing it, you've come to the right place. 


Simon Haddock

London Artist Simon Haddock...cutting painting and drilling his works into being.




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